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electronic cigarette - 16941974_SA
electronic cigarette - 16941974_SA

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

This is one thing you carefully need to think and research about. Although electronic cigarette has been getting a lot of attention, and its sale has dramatically increased over the years, the health authorities are still doubtful about its safety aspect.


They say e cigarettes are not completely safe. So, what do we do? Are e cigarettes safe for our health? It’s better to do a research and get the right facts from the authority sources. Know its ingredients, their impact on health, how it works, etc. If you know that a manufacturer has used safe ingredients in the device, you will surely not be scared of it.


The concept of e cigarette is that you enjoy all of the benefits of typical cigarettes, but without experiencing the associated dangers. As tobacco, which is a potent cancer causing agent, is not there in the electronic device, its consumers are considered safe.


However, some manufacturers can take advantage of the trust consumers are putting on the product. They are manipulating the ingredients. This is why, you have to be sure that you buy it from a right source. Similarly, some people blame that e cigarettes prompt the former smokers back to the conventional cigarettes. Now you have to decide.